“We have been wanting to find an affordable supplier for our heavy equipment purchases… After calling USEDA it was so easy.” -Oil & Gas company in Kazakhstan.

“Finding financing has been a challenge for our project. After getting their expert advice, we have been able to purchase our equipment and get the training and now our project is almost done.” -Construction company in South Africa.

“(USEDA)They helped increase our sales by 20% our first year. We now have a new market for selling our windows in Europe.” -Window company in Maryland.

USEDA: Export Management Company

US Export Development Agency is an export management company which assists American Exporters and Foreign Buyers. USEDA’s scope of business includes all types of industries including oil & gas, construction, gold, medical supplies, manufacturing, retail, et.al. Our export management company provides a full range of services to assist our American clients with increasing their export sales and overall bottom line.

USEDA also assists International Buyers sourcing all their needs for American goods. Our team will handle the sourcing, negotiating, documentation, compliance, shipping & financing options if necessary. The team is well traveled and understands many cultures and the nuances of global business. Our export management company can provide quality American products & services at very competitive prices.

All of our clients are held in the strictest confidence, with our firm acting in the highest of integrity. Because USEDA is a full service export management company, you will only need to deal with us, and not have to coordinate all the various vendors involved in an export transaction. The primary goal of our export management company is to make sure our clients export/import needs are met with USEDA handling all the steps in the process and allowing our clients to save time & money.

Our experience spans over 30 years in the business of importing and exporting goods all over the world. USEDA has built a business network of experienced and qualified suppliers in all areas of exporting. Our suppliers are able to utilize our expertise in exporting, while keeping costs low, and our international buyers benefit with a team that will negotiate the best prices and handle all logistics, while procuring what they need in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

USEDA is a leading export management company, providing American companies with a full-service alternative to staffing and managing their own international export department. We assist customers and partners all over the world. Our firm’s mission is to expand International Trade with World Class service. Why Use an Export Management Company?

Although, our staff has been in this industry for years, recently a government study has pinpointed a specific business need for an export management company. Our industry is filling the needs of the consumer as the number of businesses that are exporting have doubled since 1996; however, according to Dept. of Commerce’s Export Administration and Piers Report, out of 25 million small and medium sized US businesses, less than 1% of them export goods, which means 99% of them do not export goods. The study indicates this is due to the lack of education, training and know-how of exporting. Our export management company intends to fill this gap as much as we can.

As US Senator Snowe wrote in July 2009, “In fact, less than 1 percent of all U.S. small businesses (25 million) have any export sales. This is largely because small businesses face particular challenges to doing business overseas. Securing working capital can be an impediment because many banks do not lend against foreign purchase orders. Numerous small business owners cannot dedicate the necessary resources to explore export opportunities on their own.”

Some of the main reasons businesses choose USEDA as their export management company:
  • Outsource your export needs and Reduce costs
  • Take advantage of a full staff of professionals with years of expertise in this industry
  • Increase your sales and global recognition
  • Save time trying to navigate thru all the export compliance regulations
  • Simplify your transactions by allowing our team to handle all parties involved and streamlining communication

The market trend is on our side and the US Department of Commerce sees this gap as a huge area of opportunity for American businesses. The US Dept. of Commerce, EXIM Bank, and SBA have come together and have already completed six seminars of exporting solutions in six major US cities from DC to LA. US Export Development Agency is a perfect fit for assisting your company gain a foothold in the exporting industry. Please contact our export management company for all your exporting needs. Our clients are held in the strictest confidence.

Please contact USEDA today @202-506-1965 or email USEDA@Export-solution.com..

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